The European tuna industry adheres to a strong supervisory framework. Our fleets and processing plants are closely scrutinized by a system of control rules set out in the EU’s Common Fisheries Policy and associated regulations, managed by both national and European authorities, that ensures the industry strictly abides by all EU legislation.

Our purse seine vessels do not engage in any transhipment at sea wherever it is illegal, and we regard this as a harmful and not transparent activity which is used to mask IUU practices. Instead, each of our vessels directly brings its catch to port where there is close monitoring and scrutiny of our catch and resulting trade.

As such our practices are transparent and, if required, open to investigations regarding non-compliance and inaccurate reporting. We have launched the Tuna Transparency Initiative (TTI) which cements our transparency, sustainability and cooperation commitments across the world’s oceans. We target 100 percent observer coverage on our vessels, all of which are also monitored continuously by Vessel Monitoring System (VMS) and Electronic Reporting System (ERS) of in the monitoring centers of EU Member States and Coastal States.