The Sector

The European tuna sector is a vertically integrated sector, bringing together fishing companies, canners and retailers. Eurothon members take part in the whole supply chain from the boat to the can, bringing consumers the safest and most sustainable fish possible.

Because tuna is caught in high seas around the tropics, at long cruising distance from landing harbours, fishing vessels of Eurothon members immediately freeze the fish after catching it. It ensures that the tuna we eat is safe and that no tuna is lost due to degradation. Most spare room on fishing vessels is thus used for storage.

To reach high sustainability standards, Eurothon members strictly abide by all EU, third-country and any other rule related to fishing, processing and canning. Non-exhaustively, this usually includes a wide range of fishing rules, safety obligations (on board vessels and in processing/canning plants), sanitary requirements or labour standards.

schooling yellowfin tuna, Thunnus albacares, Mexico, Pacific Ocean

To assure full transparency on fish stocks, Eurothon members’ vessels abide by the following rules:

  • We do not engage in high-grading, whereby tuna which can be commercialized is discarded to only keep the most valuable fish on board the vessel.
  • Captains report all catches in their log-books, ensuring that reports on regional fish stock status can accurately be assessed.

All tuna are then brought back to a local harbour to disembark and weigh the catch. Tuna caught in the Southern Atlantic, the Indian Ocean or the Pacific is mostly disembarked and processed in plants located in these regions. It reduces transport emissions and provides tens of thousands of jobs locally. Canneries of Eurothon members implement the highest possible hygiene, safety at work, and labour rules. Ultimately, we provide a very high-quality product to customers.

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