Investing in our staff

As a global employer, Eurothon members employ people across the globe and appreciate the importance of parity of esteem in the workplace. All Eurothon members’ employees, regardless of nationality, receive equal and fair treatment. Most notably, every employee, whatever his/her rank or origin, has an employment contract and accompanying social benefits which must be fully complied with and respected. Eurothon members are strongly committed to their employees. As owners of their fishing vessels and of their processing plants, they ensure that high labour, safety and hygiene standards are implemented across the board, above and beyond international requirements such as the ones of the ILO.

Life at sea is challenging, both physically and mentally. Facilities on board are industry-leading and the European fleet pride themselves on their commitment to maintaining excellent working conditions. In addition, all Eurothon members provide vocational training to all their staff members, at every stage of their career. This includes for example job training for fishermen with little or no prior experience, knowledge-development and learning to use the latest fishing techniques as well as management training for crew members who become officers.